Carlene Thomas

CBD Drinks for Health by Carlene Thomas


100 CBD Oil-Infused Smoothies, Tonics, Juices, & More for Total Mind & Body Wellness

Nutritional expert Carlene Thomas shares 100 delicious recipes from juices and smoothies to tonics and cocktails so you can create the perfect CBD drink for total mind and body wellness any time of the day.

We’ve all heard that CBD oil can reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation, and its effects can be felt immediately. Now, this book offers 100 recipes for delicious CBD infused drinks that you can make any time of the day. From spritzes to smoothies and tonics to cocktails (with mocktail variations for the sober seekers), find the perfect drink to help you enjoy the many benefits of CBD oil.

Registered dietician and nutritionist Carlene Thomas, who was named America’s Next Great Nutritionist by mindbodygreen, explains all about CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, including why it’s legal, how it works in the body, its health benefits, proper dosage, special considerations, and much more.

Unwind with the refreshing, relaxing beverages in CBD Drinks for Health and learn everything you need to know about using CBD oil with confidence and peace of mind.

Carlene Thomas RDN, LD, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and food loving culinary creator in the Washington DC area. As a media trained, camera ready food and nutrition expert, Carlene has appeared on CNN, Fox, and Washington, DC, morning shows. Most recently in February, NIH’s NHLBI asked her to be part of the national Heart Truth campaign, performing a produced cooking segment. Carlene has also appeared on national favorite websites like Goop and Food Network and is a regular contributor to The Inspired Home and mindbodygreen. Carlene is known for her ability to make wellness approachable. She loves to deep dive into research and deliver usable tips and information to readers, creating a friendly entry point into wellness trends.

Publisher: Adams Media

Publication date: 01/14/2020

Pages: 176

Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents:

Introduction 9

Chapter 1 CBD 101 11

Chapter 2 Base Recipes 21

CBD Simple Syrup 22

Spiced Vanilla CBD Coffee Creamer 23

Sweet and Salty Pistachio Milk 25

Magic Latte Starter 26

CBD Whipped Cream 27

CBD Salted Caramel 28

Standard CBD Honey 29

CBD Hot Honey 30

CBD Honey Syrup 32

Vegan Date Syrup 33

Chapter 3 Smoothies 35

Raspberry Kiwi Smoothie 37

Cold Brew Breakfast Smoothie 38

Spirulina Sea Veggie Smoothie 39

Cookie Dough Smoothie 40

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie 42

Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie 43

Go-To Green Smoothie 45

Apple Pie Smoothie 46

Peanut Butter Banana Secret Cauliflower Smoothie 47

Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie 48

Island Spice Frappé 50

Salted Tahini Smoothie 51

Pistachio Ice Cream Smoothie 53

Spicy Mango Lassi 54

Southern Peach Smoothie 55

Banana Bread Smoothie 56

Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie 59

Tropical Fruit Smoothie 60

Chocolate Avocado Mousse Smoothie 62

Chapter 4 Tonics and Shots 65

Honey Rosemary Switchel 66

Wake-Up Shot 68

Cayenne Tonic 68

Vinegar Mustard Shot 69

Grass in a Glass 71

Roasted Root Broth 72

Asian Chicken Bone Broth 74

Garlic Tonic 75

Umami Bomb Bone Broth 77

Vitamin C Shot 78

Sauerkraut Shot 80

Elderberry Cold Tonic 80

Sleep Shot 81

Tart Cherry Post-Workout Tonic 81

Buttered Radish Shot 83

Chocolate Pistachio Post-Workout Tonic 84

Ginger Mushroom Tonic 86

Garlic Chili Water Shot 87

Chapter 5 Juices and Spritzers 89

Secret Cabbage Juice 91

Hello Greens 92

Celery Spritzer 93

Jicama Limeade 94

Carrot Spritzer 96

Botanical Melon Juice 96

Farmers' Market Agua Fresca 97

Strawberry Rhubarb Picnic Spritzer 99

Summer Corn Milk 100

Thanksgiving Juice 101

Blackberry Honey Bramble 102

Spirulina Green Juice Lemonade 104

Cantaloupe Grapefruit Spritzer 105

Basil Seed Cooler 107

Caesar Salad Juice 108

Sugar Plum Juice 109

Black Licorice Charcoal Lemonade 110

Mexican Green Juice 113

Chapter 6 Teas and Lattes 115

Rosemary Lemonade Iced Coffee 116

Bulletproof Golden Milk Latte 118

CBD Latte 119

Relaxing Lavender Magnesium Latte 121

Salted Cream Iced Matcha 122

CBD Sweet Tea 124

Pistachio Matcha Latte 125

CBD Bubble Tea 127

Sweet Digestive Relief Tea 129

MCT Thai Tea 130

Ginger Spice Pour-Over Iced Coffee 132

Adaptogen Peppermint Hot Chocolate 133

Coffee Frappé 135

Rose Tea Latte 136

Pumpkin Turmeric Latte 137

Iced Hibiscus and Citrus 138

Miso Chai Latte 141

Chapter 7 Cocktails 143

Fleur 75 144

Amaro Americano 146

Ginger ACV Mule 147

Garden Margarita 149

Frozen Aperol Spritz Shandy 150

Tomato Watermelon Bloody Mary 152

Bees Knees 153

Stone Fruit Sangria 155

Saffron Paprika Punch 156

Grapefruit Tarragon Negroni 158

Hemp Old-Fashioned 160

Apple Cider Slushee 161

Charred Lemon Whiskey Sour 163

Campfire Rye 164

Raspberry Shrub Daiquiri 166

White Bay PK 167

Rum Punch 169

Sweet Smoke 170

Appendix A Resources 171

Appendix B US/Metric Conversion Chart 172

Index 173

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