NIB Founder, Jade Kim Trusso

For years, Jade has been studying the world of self-care and evaluating the culture of nail salons and spa. Along the way, she encountered countless industry pitfalls — from harsh chemical-contained nail products to poor quality services and improper work environments for employees. As a health-conscious individual and driven self-starter, she set out on a mission: To reinvent the standard of self-care studios across the country. Powered by an uncompromising commitment to the principles of wellness, community, and sustainability, she hopes to reimagine the entire nail & spa experience as we know it — one client at a time.


A Note From Jade

Since people visit nail salons and spa to relax and indulge, I believe they should be a sanctuary from the stressors of the outside world rather than a microcosm of its challenges. This is why I created Nothing in Between, a studio where our clients never have to settle for anything less than the self-care they deserve. All the products we use are high-quality, natural, and non-toxic. Our atmosphere is calming and clean. Our staff is professional, well-trained, and attentive.

My hope is that as soon as you step foot in our space, you’ll know the days of harsh fumes, toxic practices, and transactional service are gone for good. 



Founder / Owner