Welcome to Nothing in Between. We are a modern self-care sanctuary that provides non-toxic nail and holistic massage services with the community and planet in mind. Nothing in Between is not just our name, it's our mantra. Transparency is at the core of everything we do. We only use products that are safe, non-toxic, and high performing. We would never use products on you that we wouldn't use ourselves. Our mission is to provide unparalleled wellness services in a safe and conscious way.

Visit us at one of our two locations in Falls Church, VA or Tysons, VA at Capital One Center.



Our Environment

Walking into our space you'll notice a void of harsh fumes unlike most traditional salons. Our air quality is much better because we do not offer acrylic, dip gel, SNS powder, or use harsh acetones. These products not only emit harsh fumes, but are also known to weaken the strength of your natural nails. The choices we make are not only with your health and safety in mind, but also the health and safety of our team.

We designed our studios to have a calm, clean, and minimal aesthetic influenced by our love of modern art. We nod an ode to our design inspirations through the art books we place in our studios (which are available for your browsing). Our music is curated to provide you with a calming yet cool ambience. And with no televisions on our walls to distract, you can relax and unplug for the time you’re with us.



Our Values


Transparency is our core value. We believe transparency builds trust, and trust builds community. And our community is the most important thing. It's on that trust we establish the heart of our brand.


Health & Hygiene

We care about your health and the health of our team, which is why we value health & hygiene.

  • We use hospital-grade sterilizers & disinfectants to clean our tools and foot bowls after each service.
  • We have top-grade ventilation in our salons using HEPA filters for premium air quality.
  • We focus on offering services using only natural & non-toxic products
  • We use basin bowls for pedicures services instead of whirlpool foot baths. Whirlpool foot baths are a breeding ground for bacteria in the jets and are highly unsanitary.

Please also review our COVID-19 safety protocols.



We care about our mother earth are very mindful of our practices of sustainability. While we are not perfect, our goal is to continue to learn and progress in our efforts.

  • We use products with containers that are recyclable.
  • We reduce the use of plastics and one time use items.
  • We reduce water use by using pedicure basins bowls instead of running water with whirlpool foot baths.
  • We offer our hospitality teas in ceramic cups vs disposable ones.


Our community is the most important thing. More than a salon, we aim to create a safe space for like-minded individuals to be uplifted, commune, and relax.

  • We host events in partnership with local businesses, creatives, organizations
  • We support local brands by carrying their products in our retail shop
  • We like to give back to our community by donating to local causes and organizations we care about.



What Do We Mean by Non-Toxic

Non-toxic nail care is the use of nail products that are free from harmful ingredients that are known to cause negative health issues. Among these ingredients are three known as the “Toxic Trio” or the “Big 3” - DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a chemical that is a component in plywood and particleboard, and is often used as a preservative, sterilizer and embalmer. This chemical is added to nail polishes that are also considered "nail hardeners." Formaldehyde has been considered a carcinogen, linked to nasal and lung cancers, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Dibutyl Phthalate, or DBP is added to nail polish to make it more flexible and less prone to cracks, chips and other annoyances. This chemical however, has been linked to reproductive issues and has been banned in Europe. While it is still approved for use in the United States, many women choose to avoid it.

Toluene is used to help keep nail polish smooth and even when applied. However, this chemical has been linked to issues affecting the nervous system with symptoms that include dizziness, headaches, nausea and eye irritation. Toluene has also been linked to birth defects and developmental problems in children whose mothers were exposed to the chemical during pregnancy. To date, toluene has also been banned by the European Union, but not by the United States.

Those who are most at risk for negative effects from these chemicals are those who work in nail salons and are exposed to them on a regular basis.

We do not use any polishes that contain the “Toxic Trio.” We also do not provide services such as SNS, Dip Powder, and acrylic, as it is not hygienic or healthy for your nails.



A Note From Our Founder

Nail salons are a place where people go to relax and indulge.

For years, I have been studying the nail industry and evaluating the culture of nail salons. In my research I’ve noticed countless negative aspects of the industry. Harsh chemical contained nail products, poor quality services and improper work environment for employees are at the top.

As a health conscious individual, I wanted to reinvent the standard of nail salons. With health, well-being, community and our environment in mind, my goal is to re-envision the nail & spa experience. This is why I created Nothing In Between Studio. The name signifies our value of transparency. All the products we use during our services are high-quality, natural, and non-toxic. Our atmosphere is calming, airy, inspiring, and clean. Our staff is professional, well-trained, and helpful.

My hope is that when you step foot into our space, that you will feel the difference through our care & intentionality.


Founder / Owner